Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've gotten through all the prescribed ETK Program Minimum workouts with my 16 kg ...

but I'm not happy with where I am strength-wise. Probably this is because of my possibly ill-considered decision to cut calories in the interest of losing a bit of body fat. I'm down about 3 pounds since going "on plan" two weeks ago, which is good because it means my body is still responding to basically the same strategies that have always worked for me when I want to lose fat. On the other hand ... losing a pound and a half a week is fairly aggressive for someone my size, so it's not surprising I'm not performing as well during my workouts. I need to do some more strategic thinking while I am on the road, to make sure I am in as good condition as possible for the HKC in September.

In a way it kinda sucks that this is the very first one since it means I really have no idea what to expect. It's billed as an entry level workshop, with no previous kettlebell experience necessary, and to earn the HKC designation I will need to demonstrate competence but not necessarily perfection in three basic movement patterns: the swing, the goblet squat and the get-up. None of that sounds too terribly intimidating ... but I'd be a fool to take any of that at face value :) Not that I'm not a fool, but you know what I mean. I fully expect that it will be incredibly intense and I will probably find out I suck in all kinds of ways I know about, and some I don't.

I just hope they don't laugh at the tiny old lady in their midst, and tell me to go take a Pilates class instead.

(Note: I don't actually expect that to happen. I'm sure they will be very respectful when they tell me never to darken their door again.)

On the bright side my pointe work is looking really strong. I've finally found what are the perfect shoes for my feet, and it's making all the difference in the world. That, and all the kettlebell swings. I think I might be able to do an easy solo en pointe in December--say, the ballerina doll bit from Act 1 of the Nutcracker--and I haven't been that strong in, oh, 35 years or so :) It seems my body knows how to dance even when I'm in a calorie deficit. Well, duh. That's how most dancers do it.