Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Week's Challenge

On Tuesday I will be leaving town, and won't be back until the following Tuesday. I expect my time to be pretty filled with family obligations, and I won't be able to bring any fitness equipment with me other than a resistance band. I don't think even TRX workouts will be feasible because we will be staying in some older houses that may not have sturdy enough doors to work as attachment points. Maintaining my conditioning will be difficult, and my hands won't thank me for spending so long away from my kettlebell, but I have no choice. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands toughened up again before the HKC at the end of the month, and hopefully I won't gain back too much of the weight I've lost.

My plan is to try to get in as many bodyweight circuit workouts as I can. Here's an example using Craig Ballantyne's Depletion Workout as a template:

Jump squats, 30 sec
Pushups, 30 sec.
Prisoner lunges, 30 sec.
1-leg deadlifts, 30 sec.
Prone runners, 30 sec.

Repeat as many times as possible in 20 minutes.

For strength, I figure this will be a great time to work on pistols, 1-arm pushups, plyo pushups, pike holds, and the like.

I may have an opportunity to visit a Wellness Center or some such thing, but I will be there mostly to assist my MIL, who is recovering from foot surgery and wants some exercises she can do to maintain her strength and cardiovascular conditioning until she is well enough to get back to her usual routine. That should be interesting.