Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting back on track slowly

I just haven't been feeling it lately, but I suppose that's to be expected given that I've only been back for a couple of days. I forced myself to stay up until 9:00 pm last night, so was able to sleep until 5:30 this morning. Another night or two and I should be pretty much back on west coast time.

I've increased my calories a bit in the hope that it'll give me more energy. We'll see how that goes. The first few pounds came off so easily that I'm not too worried about losing the rest when I'm ready to make that my focus.

In terms of my workouts, I've decided I'm just not ready to progress to the Rite of Passage with 16 kg. ETK! recommends that the clean & press ladders be performed with a weight you can press at least 5 times, and I can't do that with the 16 kg yet. It's okay, though. If I keep doing loaded cleans, get-ups and push presses with the 16 kg I will get there. I'm close. It'll happen.

For now, though, I'm choosing to focus on swings, get-ups and goblet squats--the three exercises that will be taught at the HKC, which is in three (!) weeks. I'm really trying not to be anxious about it. I will pass, or I won't, but either way I will have had an amazing learning experience that will make me stronger and better prepared for the next stage in my journey.

Anyhoo, here's what I did Wednesday:

3 TGU x 12 kg, 3 pullups, 30 swings x 16 kg
2 TGU x12 kg, 2 pullups, 20 swings x 16 kg
1 TGU x 12 kg, 1 pullup, 10 swings x 16 kg

That was all one circuit, which I repeated 3x.

Thursday was even simpler:

TGU x 16 kg, 10 per side, alternating sides every rep
1-arm swings x 16 kg, 5 x 10 per side

The plan for today is a variation on Thursday's workout:

30 swings x 16 kg
5 pullups
20 swings x 16 kg
5 goblet squats x 16 kg
10 swings
1 TGU x 16 kg

Lather, rinse, repeat 3-5x