Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Strength Workout B Phase 3

Lower body this time. I ended up going kinda light on the weights because this is the first week of the program and also a couple of the exercises were either new to me or ones I hadn't done in a while.
Here's what it looked like:

superset: DB deadlift, 1x5x35's; 1x5x40's; 1x5x45's; BB front squat 1x5x65; 2x5x75

superset: BB split squat, rear leg elevated, 2x10x75; stepups, 2x10x25's

tri-set: SLDL, 1x10x60; 1x10x70; 1x10x80; SB back extension, 3x10; standing vertical barbell twist; 3x10x35

On the front squat I opted to go very light and focus on full range of motion, as I would if I were performing the exercise with a kettlebell. In the context of the other training I'm doing I felt as though that made more sense than using heavier weight and stopping at parallel.

On the dumbbell deadlift ... eh. Next workout I'll go heavier. Ditto on the SLDL. I'll probably keep the same weights on the second superset but add volume.

I also taught my first 1-hour cycling class in forever. A few of my regulars are training for endurance events this summer and have been wanting a longer class, and since the studio was free it was no problem to extend the class time by 15 minutes. Everyone hung in there and did very well, including me :) Long cardio is so not my thing, but it was fine. It's easy to pace yourself when you know exactly what's coming next.

Tomorrow will be my second ETK Rite of Passage practice. Same 3x3 clean & press/pull-up ladders as Monday, plus swings, sets of 25 with 10 seconds rest between sets, for a total of 6 minutes. Thursday I will work on cleans & getups, and probably also do TRX Metabolic Circuit A Phase 3 for the second time. (Oh, rapture!) Not sure what Friday will look like--possibly Strength Workout A again. It doesn't involve any overhead pressing so I don't think it'll interfere with my ETK Rite of Passage practice on Saturday.