Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday upper body workout

I didn't finish quite as strong as I would have liked, but considering what the last week has been like I think I did okay.

superset: BB incline press, 1x5x75, 1x5x80; 1x5x85; 2x5x90; BB bentover row, overhand grip, 5x5x95

superset: DB chest press, 3x12x40's; recline rows, wide underhand grip, 3x12

tri-set: T-raises, 2x10x8's, 1x10x5's; BB curls, 3x10x35; pushups, hands on SB, 3x10

Then I taught a 1-hour cycling class. It was a pretty challenging class; my heart rate topped out at 172, although that's a little misleading because it was warm in the studio and I'm still not feeling absolutely 100 percent.

Total calories burned: 742, which is a lot considering my age and size.

Last night in a moment of weakness I ordered a 16 kg kettlebell from www.artofstrength.com., plus the DVD version of Providence. The AOS kettlebells have been getting very good reviews, are reasonably priced, and are made in the USA if you care about such things. The shape of the handle is similar to what I'm used to, and by all accounts it's nice and smooth. I've heard not-so-great things about the latest generation of Dragon Door kettlebells, which is why I didn't order one of theirs. I have very mixed feelings about Art of Strength, but am hoping the kettlebells turn out to be one of their better offerings. Will be sure to post a review once I receive my order!