Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weary Wednesday

I did TRX Metabolic Workout A, Phase 4, for the second time this morning. I got through it, sort of. With the jump lunges and 1-leg jump squats I managed about 25 seconds on each leg before having to regress the exercise to finish out the set. I also struggled with the feet-elevated low rows. I felt as though I was working very hard, but according to my heart rate monitor I only burned a couple hundred calories and my heart rate never got higher than 155.

I also did an ETK workout. This was Week 7, "medium" day. I did clean & press/pullup ladders, 5 x 3 rungs, plus sets of swings, 25 x 12 kg with 10 sec. rest between sets, for 7 minutes. I actually went a little over 7 minutes because I was partway through a set when I ran out of time, and it seemed silly not to finish. No new bruise marks but my cleans are still not consistently smooth and pretty the way I'd like them to be. I'll try to get in some extra practice tomorrow. Cleans and getups, I think.