Monday, January 19, 2009

Lower body workout


KB swings, 6x8x14 kg
sumo deads, 6x8x100
wide stance jumps, 6x40 sec.
rest, 90 sec.

12 min. cardio


jump squats, 6x8x15 lb dbs
front squats, 6x8x60 (wimpy weight but I tried to keep good form and go really low)
close stance speed squats, 45 sec
rest 90 sec.

12 min. cardio.

I'm not sure how I feel about this workout. On the one hand, it was a sweat fest. On the other hand doing low intensity cardio in mid workout seems a little pointless to me, because as I understand it, even if I've got all kinds of free fatty acids bopping around after triset #1, my body's not going to be burning them during the cardio if I've got glycogen to draw on. And I damn well better have glycogen to draw on, or triset #2 won't be happening.

But whatever. I liked it while I was doing it, and that's the main thing. For my cardio I did portions of P90X Cardio X, not the yoga in the beginning but the kenpo, plyo and core moves, and it was just right in terms of intensity.