Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank Goddess It's Friday Workout

Did I post my Wednesday workout? Can I remember my Wednesday workout?

Oh, yes: Resolution III, plus ballet

5 rounds:

BB deadlift from floor, 5x135, then adding 5 lbs and decreasing the number of reps each round thereafter until by the last round I was doing 1 rep with 155 lbs

BB clean & press, 5x65

Farmers walk, 40 yards x 35's

Swings: 30x12 kg

Thursday was sort of a rest day. I took ballet but other than that, nothing.

Today I did Resolution II:

6 rounds:

KB clean & press ladder, 1, 2, 3, 4 with 12 kg, same each round
pullups, starting with 5 and doing 1 less each round, then going back to 5 on round 6
deadlifts from floor, 5x115, then doing 1 less each round but adding five pounds until by round 5 I was down to 1 deadlift at 135 lbs, which I repeated on round 6

Later I took my 12 kg bell to the beach and did the following:

20 swings, followed by 1 minute of jogging on sand, lather rinse repeat for 12 minutes. It was sort of brutal, but honestly the worst part was the walk to and from the beach carrying the damn kettlebell. I only live about half a mile from the beach, but it seems like a lot more when you're carrying a 26-pound lump of iron.