Friday, January 30, 2009

Snatchtastic Thursday

As you can see, I've been deviating from my workout plan quite a bit this week. Partly this is because I've had a lot of schedule disruptions, and partly it's because I'm realizing I really don't enjoy slower-paced workouts, split routines, etc.

Yesterday, for instance, I only had about a half an hour window in which to get in a workout. So, I did the AOX 1200 routine, the one with all the snatches. Because I was short on time I only went through the routine once, but I felt as though I could've done more, which made me happy. And today my shoulders feel fine, which makes me VERY happy.

Anyway, I'm realizing that in order to be consistent with my workouts I really need routines I can complete in well under an hour, even if that means working out twice a day in order to achieve my goals. Finding a half hour here and a half hour there is generally no problem; it's finding a block of 60-90 minutes that's difficult most days. And the Thibaudeau workouts really can't be completed in less time than that.

I'm sort of thinking out loud here. If you can call it thinking.