Friday, January 23, 2009

Lower body workout

It'll be interesting to see how long I stick with this rotation. The workouts are a little impractical in some ways, since realistically on days when I have to work out at the gym, I can't count on being able to keep my rest periods exact, or even to be able to do the exercises I'd intended. Today, for instance, I got lucky in that the squat rack was available when I needed it, and so were the leg extension and (mostly) the leg curl machines. But I won't always be so lucky.

Anyway, here's what it was:

superset: front squat, 6x4x95; RDL, 6x4x110, rest 90 sec.

superset: KB swings, 5x10x30, jump lunges, 5x6 per leg x 12 lb dbs, rest 60 sec.

triset: leg extensions, 3x10x70, 1x10x80; SB leg curls, 1x10 per leg, seated leg curls, 3x10x60; speed squats, 45 sec., rest 60 sec.

35 min low-intensity cardio. (10 min on treadmill, 12.5 min on elliptical, 12.5 min. on treadmill)