Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mistress Laura Attempts The "300" Workout, Plus Goal Setting

Or a version of same. The original 300 workout is a bit--okay, more than a bit--beyond my capabilities at this point. So I lightened it up as follows:

25 band assisted pullups
50 barbell deadlifts at 75 lbs
50 pushups
50 14" box jumps
50 windshield wipers
50 1-arm dumbbell dead clean to press at 20 lbs
25 band assisted pullups

The idea is to complete all 300 reps as quickly as possible without sacrificing form. It took me about 24 minutes to get through it. Not bad.

I also taught cycling.

I really need to stretch out my hips, which are still hurting from Sunday. I think another thing that was working against me on race day was, I ran in my orthotics for the first time. Because these are meant to correct the way my feet absorb force, they'll eventually make me a stronger, faster, more painfree runner ... but I need to get used to them. There's a subtle change in muscle recruitment patterns that I noticed even during the race, and of course much more so afterward when the DOMS started to kick in.

Note that I say: I need to stretch my hips, not that I'm actually going to. I sorta suck.

Which brings me to goal setting. I think I want to change focus for a bit and work on improving my strength in certain areas. I was browsing around the Figure Athlete website, and I noticed Rachel Cosgrove had a deadlift program that looks intriguing. It's intermediate to advanced, meaning that if you can't deadlift your bodyweight for 3 sets of 5 you might get better results working a different set/rep range. But I can, although I haven't for a while.

I'll start after the 12th, unless I think of a better idea.