Friday, November 14, 2008

Recent workouts

Yesterday was a Turbulence Training bodyweight circuit with 1-leg squats, pullups, chinups, pike pushups, 1-leg hops, squat thrusts and other incredibly fun moves. I followed with 20 minutes of tabata intervals using bodyweight moves-lateral hops, skaters, base rotations and seal jacks--instead of a machine. I also took a 90 minute ballet class.

Today I did my own thing:

Superset 1: DB triple press (6 seated overhead, 6 incline, 6 flat) 3x20; 1-leg pistol squat using my suspension trainer to get full range of motion, 3x8 per leg

superset 2: DB rows, 3x8 per arm x35; KB squat, 3x10 per side x12 kg

superset 3: walking offset pushups 3x8 per arm; KB sumo deads, 3x20x12 kg

superset 4: KB release swings, 3x 20x 12 kg; burpees, 3x10

Countdown: jump lunges, 5 per leg, 4 per leg, 3 per leg, 2 per leg, 1 per leg, supersetted with inchworms, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, the whole thing performed twice through.

I took very short rests between supersets because I was short on time, and that definitely affected how heavy I was able to go. On a stronger day I could've used 25s on the triple press and 40s on the rows. I still felt I got in a good workout, though.

Also, as I was doing the walking pushups down the hall of my house, I discovered that one of my cats had spit up her breakfast on the oriental rug. It says something about my dedication to working out, or more likely about my housekeeping, that I completed my set before wiping up the cat mess. Interestingly, you can hardly see barely-digested little Friskies on an oriental rug unless your eyes are only a few inches away from same. So, if I'd picked a different exercise to do I probably never would've noticed the cat hurl, at least until I stepped in it.

I am nothing if not glamorous.