Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Heavy" deadlift workout

Okay, not so heavy really, but I haven't been in heavy lifting mode for a while so I thought it'd be best to ease into it. (Also, I'm a wuss. )

So, here's what it was:

Round 1:
Sumo deads ff: 5x125
BB clean and press ff: 5x55
Farmers walk: 30 yds holding 35's
KB swings: 20x12 kg.

I did four more rounds after that, each time adding 5 lbs to my deadlift and subtracting 1 rep, until by the final round I was down to 1 deadlift with the bar loaded at 145. All other exercises remained the same in terms of reps and poundage.

And that was that :)

Edited to add: okay, not quite. A client cancelled on me at the last minute (he's so getting charged for the session!), so I had an hour of dead time between appointments that I used to get in another mini-workout.

circuit 4x:

8 KB 1-arm rows per arm
15 pushups
10 KB snatches per arm
10 KB burpee deadlifts

I used a 30 lb kettlebell for the rows and burpee deadlifts, and an 8 kg bell for the snatches.

Oh, and later in the day I took a 90 minute ballet class. My shoulders and upper traps were a little achy from the snatches or maybe the c & p, so my port de bras sucked, which is probably why you never hear about ballerinas who're powerlifters.