Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So, I gave the EDT thing a shot ...

Ehhh ....

I think I like Alwyn's Metabolic (sorry, Wendy!) Density Training better. With EDT you're doing two exercises, alternating sets, for 15-20 minutes, taking as few breaks as possible, and with MDT a la Alwyn you're doing 3 exercises for 10 minutes, working continuously.

Anyway, I did a little of both today.

First up, double kettlebell clean & press supersetted with double kettlebell front squats. I used 20 lb bells and worked for 20 minutes, performing as many five-rep sets as possible. I think I got about 15 sets, or 75 reps of each exercise, in 20 minutes or maybe a little less. It was hard but also a little boring somehow, if that makes sense.

Then I did kettlebell renegade rows, followed by double kettlebell windmills, followed by double kettlebell swings, using 15 lb bells for all exercises. I did 5 reps per side of the renegade rows and windmills and 15 reps of the swings, and I completed 3 sets in 10 minutes. I had more fun with this drill, although fun is maybe not the right word.