Monday, December 8, 2008

Mistress Laura, um, does that high-density resistance training thing that elevates the heart rate and increases EPOC

(Yes, we need to find a new word for it.)

Warm-up circuit 2x:

10 squats
8 close grip pushups
12 SB leg curls
rest 30 sec.

Superset: DB high incline press, 1x6x25, 3x6x30, no rest; DB 1-arm row, 1x6x25, 3x6x37.5, 1 min rest
Superset: band assisted chins, 3x8, no rest; DB flat press, 3x8x35, 1 min rest
Superset, close grip pushups (form sucked on the last set so don't be impressed), 3x25, DB rear delt flyes, 2x10x12

Then for 20 minutes I did the following:

5 BB clean and press @ 50 lbs
20 swings, either 1-arm or hand to hand, @ 12 kg
5 box jumps at 18"

I think I got about 8 rounds. Since I was doing it as a finisher to another workout I didn't go for the full 30 minutes, but if I had I easily could've gotten 10 rounds, which means I need to increase my weights and the height of my step. Which means, unfortunately, that I can't do the workout at home because I don't have a kb heavier than 12 kg, and I don't have anything I can jump on that's higher than 18". Well, except for Paul, but that's quite different.

I haven't done BB clean and press for a while and I sort of enjoyed it. I think all the kettlebell training I've been doing lately has had a carryover effect.