Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday workout

Warm-up circuit 2x:

10 squats
8 close grip pushups
12 SB leg curls

superset: db split squats, 1x8x25's, 3x8x35's; SB rollouts, 1x8; 3x10
superset: db RDL, 3x8x35's, db push press, 3x6x25's
triset: db squat, 3x12x35s, SB prone tucks, 3x15, side planks, 3x45 sec. each side

AOS Providence, 8 rounds only, substituting mixed KB swings tabata-style for rounds 3 and 6 (2 min. only) and finishing with a full 4 minutes of 1-arm tabata swings after round 8. Or something like that. Whatever I did, it ended up taking about half an hour :)