Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday's half-assed workout

My cold's a little worse today :( I'm so dreading tomorrow--I hope there aren't a ton of people in my cycling class, because I don't think my voice will hold out if I have to shout to be heard in the back of the room.

I did a little upper body weights thing thinking it'd make me feel better, but evidently it didn't work. I still feel like a disgusting fat slug. Isn't that ridiculous? But there you have it, and I know you all know exactly what I mean. It has nothing to do with how my clothes fit or what the scale says, and everything to do with the fact that I think someone crept into my house in the dead of night and replaced my head with a water balloon.

Anyway. Here's what it was:

warm-up circuit 2x:

10 squats
8 close grip pushups
12 SB leg curls

Superset: DB incline press, 1x6x25, 3x6x30; 1-arm DB row, 1x6x25, 3x6x35
Superset: band assisted chins, 3x8; flat DB press, 3x8x30
Superset: close grip pushups, 1x25, 2x25 onto bench; DB rear delt flyes, 3x10x10

(This is a Turbulence Training workout, one of the ones included in the basic TT for Fat Loss manual. It's meant to be followed with intervals, 20 sec. RPE 9 -10 max effort, 40 sec. RPE 3 active recovery 8x, but that didn't seem appropriate for me today given how feeble I felt during the weights portion of the workout.)