Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I survived, and moo

I spend most of yesterday slumped in an easy chair with my laptops (the Dell and the Siamese) close at hand. I was multitasking: putting together a plan for my spin class plus workouts for my Tuesday and Wednesday clients, and watching bad movies on mini-mode. You know a movie is bad when not even Hugh Jackman can save it. I made it through almost an hour of "Van Helsing" before finally giving up and switching to "Sphinx." Gorgeous leading lady (Lesley-Anne Down), even more gorgeous leading man (Frank Langella, who was hotness itself back in the day and could actually act, not that the movie required him to do so), and fabulous cinematography of Egypt. Moose gave it two paws up, but thought there should have been more about Bastet in the film. She is quite right, of course. Never argue with a Siamese. It will get you nowhere.

Anyway, my day of sloth seems to have done me good, because I'm feelimg quite a bit better today. A couple Dayquil and a quick squirt of nasal spray and I was good to go. My morning clients didn't even notice I was under the weather, and when you consider that I'm someone who routinely gets asked if she has a cold even when she doesn't (thank you, rosacea), that's major. Also, my voice held out during cycling class--fortunately it was a smallish group and they were all people I know well, who are all at similar levels of fitness except for the pregnant lady, who knew how to modify, so I didn't have to give a lot of instruction on form or offer a lot of alternatives for different experience levels. That makes my job so much easier.

Also, we've started using heart rate monitors in class so I had an excuse to get off my bike and check in with people to see whether they were in the zone or not :)

The moo is in reference to my weight, which is a little higher than I would like it to be. I tend to eat more than I should when I have a cold and my throat is sore. I crave the comfort of something cold and creamy slipping down my inflamed gullet, and even if it's nonfat sugar free yogurt and frozen berries instead of ice cream, too much of it makes me fat.

Whatever. I'm hoping that one more good night's sleep will have me feeling almost back to normal by tomorrow.

Oh, and the more I think about it the more I'm wanting one of those re-loadable kettlebells. I might want the guy version, though, even though it's not pink. Unloaded it's only about 9 pounds, filled with sand it's about 20-25, and filled with shot it's heavier than I'll ever need ... but Paul might dig it. He was asking me this morning about kettlebells in a way that made me think he might enjoy adding them to his routine. He likes functional stuff and hates anything bodybuilderish, so kettlebell training would be a great fit for him. I've actually been telling him that for a while, but I think maybe he had to read a few articles about kettlebell training in Men's Health for it to sink in.

Anyway, I think I would have a blast taking my empty bell to the beach, filling it with sand and doing my workouts there. Clients would love it too.

The other good thing about the bigger bell is, when it's only partially full the center of gravity constantly shifts, making the exercise even more challenging.

Of course the bad thing about the bigger bell is, it's bigger. The larger size wouldn't be a problem for Paul, but with my tiny frame I don't think I could get a bell that was 8" in diameter into a good rack position.

Also, the bigger bell isn't pink.