Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another feeble attempt at Advanced Bodyweight Training

This was not pretty.

I began with the same warmup circuit as on Monday. Then things got nasty.

Superset: 1 leg pistol squats, 2, 4, 6, 8, 4, 2; decline pushups 4x20 (no pushups in supersets 3 and 6, thank heaven for small mercies)

Superset: band assisted pullups, wide overhand grip, 3x15 (these were supposed to be 1 arm inverted rows, but I don't have the right setup at home for inverted rows. I tried 1 arm chins with my assist band, but those were so not happening); 1 leg RDL, 3x8

Superset: Bulgarian split squat, 3x8; SB crunches, 3x15

Superset: 1 leg SB curls, 3x8, plank, arms on SB, 3x 45 sec.

I also had 90 minutes of ballet this morning, and I will be teaching cycling tonight. It's the same class I taught yesterday, but maybe with the intensity dialed down a notch or two depending on who's in class. My Tuesday regulars are pretty hardcore, but Wednesdays are more of a mixed crowd. I've got a fun Halloween-themed playlist that my Tuesday class loved, and I'm hoping tonight's crowd is as receptive.

I didn't do anything yesterday other than teach spinning. Bad trainer--I should've done yoga. I've got a real incentive now to work on my flexibility because it looks like I will be doing Arabian in Nutcracker this year. Yippee!!! It's such gorgeous slinky, sultry music. I, unfortunately am neither slinky nor sultry but hopefully I'll be able to fake it adequately.