Thursday, October 30, 2008

Morning quickie

(Get your minds out of the gutter, girlfriends, this is workout-related. )

I had a little less than half an hour, so I did a mishmosh of several different bodyweight circuit workouts. I started with the usual bodyweight circuit from the Turbulence Training Advanced Bodyweight Workout, then did a tabata thing from Workout Muse:

feet over the line hops--side to side
seal jacks
base rotations

20 seconds of each exercise, with 10 seconds rest between exercises, the whole thing performed twice through

After that it was:

plyo jacks, 60 seconds
20 pushups
rest 30-60 sec.
in and out jump squats 60 sec.
side planks, 30 sec. per side
rest 30-60 sec.
terminator climbers, 60 sec.
20 squats
rest 30-60 sec.

Lather, rinse, repeat

Then another tabata thing from Workout Muse:

feet over the line--front to back
split jacks
high knees
mountain climbers

Again, 20/10 intervals, twice through.

And that was it. If you're curious about the Workout Muse thing, I've got the blog linked, and the latest post has demos of the two workouts. The suggested protocol is to go through each one twice, for a total of 8 20/10 intervals, then rest for a minute, then repeat until 20 minutes are up. I think that would work nicely too depending on how well you tolerate doing the same thing over and over.

Speaking of quickie workouts, Workout Muse has a new product called exactly that: the Quickie workout. You pick a single total body exercise, then depending on the exercise you choose you perform either max reps or max rounds for time. If it's a single arm/leg exercise you do rounds, with each round being 10 reps per side. If it's a bilateral exercise you just do as many reps as you can in five minutes. After five minutes you can keep going until you've completed 10 minutes, or you can switch to a different exercise, or you can stop. Advanced exercisers are advised to pick 2-4 exercises and go for 20 minutes. I actually bought the product because I wanted access to their database of total body exercises, and I also kinda like having mp3s to count down the time for me so I don't have to wreck my alignment by looking at my watch or a clock. But I wouldn't call it a must-get by any means.

In other news, my hams and glutes were killing me in ballet class today, and I'm not sure why. I'm happy about it, though, because it was definitely the good kind of DOMS that means I really did something right yesterday.