Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So now that I've ragged on Josh a little ...

let me tell you about one of his workouts that I did today. It's one of six that he'll send you for free, just for letting him put you on his mailing list. I don't mind being on his mailing list. As I said below, I actually think he's on the right track when it comes to fat loss; I just wish he wouldn't assume we're all in it just to look hot to men.

The six workouts are from a "fighter" fat loss series he put together. You do 5 minute rounds, performing a different movement each minute. You rest 3 minutes between rounds, then repeat for a total of 3 rounds. The workout I did today consisted of dumbbell swings, bulgarian split squats, pushups, bulgarian split squats, and dumbbell swings. I did it exactly as prescribed by Josh, using a 15 lb dumbbell for the swings and no weight for the split squats. The rounds weren't a whole lot of fun while I was doing them, but the three minute recovery period for me seemed excessive, and I probably could've gone for a couple more rounds if I hadn't had to stop so I could teach my cycling class. But overall I liked the format and the more intermediate nature of the workout. This is something I definitely could see using with clients.

Also, a minute is hella long when you're doing pushups for the entire minute. I got 30 in round 1, 24 in round 2, and 30 again in round 3.

(Note: I'm not actually someone who says "hella." I just play that sort of person on the Internet.)