Thursday, October 16, 2008

FW4FL Workout Two: Revenge of the Nerd

Josh almost made me throw up, and this time it wasn't because of his sophomoric remarks re: "hot girls"!

I never did get around to doing anything resistance-training-ish yesterday although I did take a 90 minute ballet class in addition to teaching a pretty intense cycling class, so it wasn't exactly a rest day. So that meant Fighter Workout Two was on the agenda for today. The numbers beside each exercise are the number of reps I got each round

Band assisted pullups: 24, 19, 16
Burpees, 18, 19, 19
Pushups, 26, 24, 23
Burpees, 19, 20, 19
KB swings (8 kg bell): 30, 30, 30

I was able to keep moving for pretty much the entire minute each round, although obviously as my muscles fatigued my rep tempo slowed way down on the pullups especially. The 3 minute break didn't seem excessive for this workout because the rounds were so intense.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to do lunges followed by bear crawls followed by lunges followed by more bear crawls followed by more lunges.