Saturday, October 25, 2008

New goal(s)

My dance group has a date to perform Nutcracker on December 12 at a seniors' holiday luncheon. Good times. We'll be doing the party scene again, plus as much of Act 2 as we can get together. Reed Flute and Russian for sure, because we pretty much have those choreographed, plus Sugarplum and maybe Arabian Coffee. Probably not Snow or Waltz of the Flowers, although we've started working on both, because the ensemble pieces take a lot longer to choreograph and learn.

I've recruited two of my coworkers, Annie and Felipe, to dance with us. Annie is still in her mid-20s and dances professionally on a part-time basis, and she'll be our Sugarplum Fairy. She's lovely and sweet as pie, and will be wonderful in the role. Bitch :) (I'm only kidding, of course. Yes, I would have loved to do the part, but she'll do a better job than I would have and the seniors will adore her.)

Felipe is in his late 20s and has never danced in his life, but he's male and plenty strong enough to lift Annie, which is really all that matters. He's done lots of yoga so he's got great balance and flexibility as well as tremendous core strength, and he likes plyometrics and working out with sandbags and such, which is actually wonderful training for a male dancer. If you're used to flinging around a 100-pound sandbag, it's no big deal to hoist a ballerina who weighs only a little more and is actually giving you some assistance. He can lift me to his shoulder quite easily, and while Annie is a couple inches taller and 10-15 lbs heavier than I am, that shouldn't make too much of a difference, especially since she and I are both on a mission now to lose as much weight as we can--in a sensible, healthful and non-ballet way, of course--between now and December.

It remains to be seen what role I'll end up dancing. Possibly Clara, if we can't find someone else to do it. If we can I'll do the dual role I did last year--party scene child/Arabian-princess doll. I definitely will be some sort of child in Act I because there have to be at least a few "kids" in the cast who are old enough to take direction and can keep things moving along in case the actual children forget what they're supposed to be doing. I would love to do an Act II variation as well--Arabian Coffee or Spanish Chocolate--but I doubt there will be time to get the choreography together although I'll see what I can come up with.

Hey, ya'll think we could get corporate sponsorship from Starbucks? I mean, think of all the opportunities for product placement in Act II!

Okay, I'm getting sidetracked. This is supposed to be a fitness blog, right? So, back to fitness. I am currently 112. That's not so much, but I'm only 5'3 1/2" and have smallish bones, so I could safely be a little less. I'm thinking 108, maybe. Maybe not.

I also need to work on my balance, flexibility and core strength.

So I'm thinking that for the next couple months my workout routine should emphasize bodyweight training, kettlebells, and yoga. I think this will be fun. Except for when I'm actually doing it, of course.