Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today's Tabatastic Fun

Here's what it was: four tabata intervals, each consisting of two exercises:

Tabata One: band assisted pull-ups and jump lunges
Tabata Two: jump squats and running pushups
Tabata Three: kettlebell clean and press and plyo jacks
Tabata Four: kettlebell swing and prone cross toe touch

Then I finished with a five minute core drill: side planks with thread through (5), those prone plank thingies where you hike your hips then move down into the plank a la dolphin pose in yoga, no clue what they're called but you get the idea (5), side planks with thread through (5), continuously moving from side to prone to the other side, then back to prone and so forth.

In all honesty it was bad but not that bad, not in comparison to some of the other workouts I've posted lately.