Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's workout fun

I decided to do a Turbulence Training circuit workout today:

Y squats, 12, 12
offset pushups, 6 per side, 6 per side
stick-ups 12, 12
mountain climbers 10 per side, 10 per side

DB push press, 3x6x20
DB deep stepups onto bench, 3x8 per leg x20
SB rollout, 3x15
DB reverse lunges, 3x8 per leg x20
Spiderman pushups, 10 per side, 10 per side, 9 per side
DB rows, 3x8x35
KB swings, 3x15x12 kg

later in the day I taught spinning, but I had mostly beginners in class so I dialed the intensity way down. It was activity but not a workout for me, really. It was for them, though :)