Monday, March 2, 2009

Escalating Density Monday

The idea with EDT is, you pick 3 compound exercises and do a mini circuit of 10 reps of each exercise using your 15RM. (Well, that's one way you can do it anyway.) You then try to complete as many circuits as you can in a given period of time. The way you make it progressive is by doing more reps in that same time period each time you do the workout. It's a tremendous metabolic stimulus and also great for people who're short on time.

The three exercises I have in mind are band-assisted pullups, high-decline pushups, and 18" box jumps. My ultimate goal is 10 rounds in 15 minutes, but I think I'll need to work up to that. Today I'm expecting to get more like 7-8.

Will be back later with an update!

Update: I got 9 rounds in just under 15 minutes, but don't be impressed because many of my pullups were not worthy of the name. I don't like to count them unless my chin is over the bar, but that was so not happening toward the end. Because I like even numbers I went ahead and did a 10th round, so all told I got in 300 reps in 16.5 minutes.