Thursday, March 12, 2009

Turbulence Training for Thinking Meatheads

Bodyweight circuit to warm up, 2x:

12 overhead squats, 15 lb bodybar
12 close grip pushups
6 prone stick-ups
8 (per side) spiderman climbs

alternating sets with full rest (1 min.):

BB bench press, two light sets to warm up, then 1x6x95, 1x6x85, 1x6x90;
BB row, two light sets to warm up, 1x6x85; 2x6x90

alternating sets with 30 sec. rest between exercises, 1 min. rest between sets:

pullups, 2 sets, was supposed to do max reps but I decided to try negatives instead, so the first set 1 did 1 pullup, then lowered as slowly as I could. I think it took 15-20 seconds, but I didn't have a clock near me so who knows. The seconds fly by like hours when you're doing negatives! The second set I just did reps, but I was fatigued so I only got about 4 good ones.

DB chest press, 2x8x35's

superset with 1 min. rest:

Y's and T's, 2x12x5's (was supposed to do shrugs but you know my feelings about those)
DB incline press, 2x12x25's

Unpleasantness: 3 pushups, 1 tuck jump; 6 pushups, 2 tuck jumps; 9 pushups, 3 tuck jumps; 12 pushups, 4 tuck jumps, 15 pushups, 5 tuck jumps, then back down the ladder with no rest. Words cannot express the horribleness of this particular drill. I was dying!!!

Give it a shot. You know you want to :)