Friday, March 20, 2009

Just realized I never posted my Thursday workout ...

Too busy raving about stripper poles and hollow kettlebells, I guess!

It was a meathead-ish upper body thing:

warm up, then:

alternating sets: barbell bench press, 2x8x45, 1x6x85, 2x6x90; pullups, 5x3, which sucks :(

superset: DB press, 1x8x35, 2x8x40; DB row, 3x8x40

superset: cable face pulls, 2x12x49.5; decline close grip pushups, 2x12

unpleasantness: burpee/swing countdown--12 of each, then 11 of each, and so forth all the way down to 1, no rests.

There were some teenage boys in the weight room trying to master barbell cleans, and they just weren't getting it so I spent a little time coaching them as well. Which was sort of hilarious, really, because most of these boys have mothers who're younger than I am, and who gets lifting tips from their mother?