Thursday, March 19, 2009

Workouts and IRHSA

So, after Meathead Monday I decided to take a couple days active rest. Taught spinning class on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I did a kettlebell/bodyweight conditioning thing. The idea was to get as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of the following:

20 KB swings
15 mountain climbers
10 KB thrusters (5 per side)
20 KB high pulls
15 burpees
10 pushups
20 KB snatches (10 per side)
15 hanging knee ups
10 KB rows (5 per side)

I completed 4 rounds using a 12 kg kettlebell for all the non-bodyweight exercises, and felt quite challenged. My form on the snatches got a bit sloppy as I fatigued, so my forearms are a bit banged up today. But I will do better. I really do need to be challenging myself with the heavier kettlebell. This is how I will get stronger. My form on cleans used to be awful, but now I can do them perfectly with 14 kg and no bruised forearms, and I got good at them by practicing. So, my plan is to suck it up and deal with the bruises for a while until I've perfected my snatch. (Get your mind out of the gutter, people!)

After my kettlebell fun I trained some clients, went to ballet class, then headed off to IHRSA, which is code for the International Health And Racquet Sports Association annual convention. It's held in San Francisco every other year, but in 2007 I was too busy to spend more than a couple of hours there. This time I was able to spend the better part of a day, and it was a blast. I met up with a few of the other trainers from my gym, and we checked out all kinds of crazy gimmicky fitness equipment (stripper poles! ellipticals that move laterally! A weird hybrid Ab Lounge/rower/cable thingy!) as well as lots of really cool stuff. TRX was there, of course, and so was Art of Strength/Punch, so I got to have a look at those refillable kettlebells I've been eyeing. The pink one is adorable and just the right size, but there's not enough metal shot in the world to make it heavy enough for me, and the Bulldog bell is just too big. I mean, it was bigger than my waist. Possibly it was bigger than my hips. Even my fellow trainer Jesse, who is a tall and well-built guy, found it to be too big. I love the concept, but the product itself needs some tweaks.

I love seeing what's out there and trying out new equipment, but I have to admit that I find the fitness convention atmosphere to be intimidating as heck. There are all these plasticky-looking people running around with spray-on tans and hair extensions and fake nails and what have you--and those are the guys! Only kidding, of course. The guys have the fake tans, but no fake nails that I noticed, and mostly their heads are shaved. WTF is up with that? Anyhoo, I think before the next IRHSA convention I'll have to get myself a tan and some skintight, midriff-baring workout wear so I fit in a little better. I may change my name to Amber or Brandi as well.