Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lower body Filthy 50 plus core training

First, the Filthy Fifty:

BB back squats, 50x65
Bulgarian split squats, rear leg on SB, 50 total (25 R, 25, L)
BB front squats, 50x55 (had to break this up into two sets of 25)
1 leg RDL, 50 total (25 R, 25, L)
BB overhead squats, 50x45 (again, had to take a midset break halfway through)
1 leg SB hamstring curls, 50 total (25 R, 25 L)

core work:

hanging leg raises, feet to bar, 2x5
hanging knee raises, knees to chest, 2x10
ab wheel, 1x6 (no wheel so I used a barbell)
incline board leg thrusts, 1x12
lying leg thrusts, 1x15
ab scissors, 1x10
SB crunches holding weight overhead, 1x10x5lbs
SB plank hold, elbows on ball, 1x70 sec.
Floor side plank holds, 1x35 sec. each side

The resistance portion of the workout was awful, but at least it was over relatively quickly. The core work was pretty hard too, even though on paper it doesn't look like much. The emphasis here is supposed to be on quality over quantity--no sloppy reps allowed. It was quite hard to keep my low back from arching during the leg thrusts and scissors, probably because I was fatigued. I need to be doing abdominal vacuums regularly to strengthen my transverse abdominis so that doesn't happen.