Monday, April 13, 2009

Deadlift Monday

I ended up being really conservative with my weight selection today. Stressed and distracted is not a good way to go into a deadlift workout, but I didn't want to skip it because I really want to put this rotation to bed before leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday.

It was that one where I do 4 sets of 8, with 20 reps of a bodyweight exercise (squats, pushups, lunges, mountain climbers) as "active rest" between each superset.

superset: sumo deads, 4x8x95 (wtf? but that's where I was today so whatever); jump squats, 4x8x20

superset: RDL, 4x8x85; front-loaded Bss 4x8x20

superset: snatch grip deads 4x8x85; 1-leg squats, 4x8xBW

Family stuff is giving me fits, and I'm super worried about Moose. She's so listless, and we're at the point now where she really needs to be hydrated daily. I'm hating the idea of leaving her. I know the animal hospital will take excellent care of her in our absence, and if it comes to it they won't let her suffer needlessly. Emotionally, I guess we're prepared for "that call" if it comes, but I hate the idea of her dying surrounded by strangers, even caring ones. Hopefully she'll remain stable at least until we get back from our trip.