Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pull-focus workout

This was another one of those vile "active rest" workouts where instead of taking breaks between sets I did bodyweight exercises for 20 reps. Not so bad, actually, except for the pushups. Those were bad. Atrocious. Unspeakable. Blasphemies were uttered. The Lord's name was not taken in vain, but probably would have been if I'd had sufficient breath left in my body.

Superset: Pullups, 4x8; pike pushups, feet elevated, 4x8
Superset: BB rows, 4x8x85; close grip pushups, 4x8
Superset: DB rows, 4x8x30; t-pushups, 4x8

After set 1 I did 20 squats, after set 2 20 pushups, after set 3 20 lunges, and after set 4 20 mountain climbers. No true rest except to chug water and set up my barbell for the second superset. The 20 pushups weren't so bad the first time through. The second and third times, they were.

I finished up with a little metabolic thingy:

jump squats, 4x10, 10 sec rest between sets
rocket jumps, 4x10, 10 sec. rest between sets
SB jackknives, 4x10, 10 sec. rest between sets
TGU with 8 kg, 2x5 each side, 10 sec. rest between sets.