Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keeping consistent with the workouts

Monday I did a Turbulence Training-style superset thing followed by tabata intervals on the dreadmill:

superset: pullups, 3x6; DB incline press, 3x8x30's

superset: DB stepups, 3x8x??; cable pulldowns, 3x8x??

superset: DB RDL, 3x10x???; pushups using DB's as handles, 3xfatigue

treadmill: 20 sec. hard, 10 sec easy 8x, then walking on an incline for another 10 minutes just because

Today I did superset ladders, starting with 10 reps of each exercise and working my way down to 1.

superset 1: DB cleans with 20 lbs/ pushups

superset 2: DB thrusters/renegade rows, each with 15 lbs

superset 3: inchworms/incline reverse crunches

The idea here was just to get through it as fast as possible. The first few sets seemed to take forever, but once I was down to 5 and 5 it seemed not so bad.