Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday superset workout, and some sad news

The sad news first: my Siamese, Moose, passed on last night. It was by no means unexpected; she was almost 19 and in late stage renal failure, and pretty clearly didn't have long to live even with daily subcutaneous hydration. When we dropped her off at the animal hospital where we were having her boarded, we knew there was a pretty fair chance we wouldn't be seeing her again. Even so, I still haven't quite absorbed the news properly. She was 6 weeks old when she came into my life, just a tiny scrap of a thing with the biggest blue eyes you ever saw and vocal cords to match. I don't think it will seem real until I'm home and Moose ... isn't.

Paul and I haven't done much of anything since we got the news. Just as well we'd already hit the fitness center ... exercise is wonderful for anxiety and depression, but even knowing that I'm not sure I'd have had the discipline to make myself exercise if I'd heard about Moose first.

Anyway, here's what it was:

superset: DB chest press, 3x8x35's; Bulgarian split squat, 3x12xBW

superset: DB 1-arm row: 3x8x35; squat, 3x20xBW

superset: DB RDL: 3x10x35's; SB jackknives; 3x15xBW

HIIT: treadmill intervals at 15% incline: 30 sec. at 6 mph/30 sec. at 4 mph 6x plus 3 min. warmup and cooldown.