Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home again!

I did have time for one last workout yesterday morning before we left Maui. Again, it was a Turbulence Training-style superset thingy:

superset: DB overhead squat, 3x10x20's; DB 1-arm row, 3x6x40

superset: DB front-loaded Bulgarian ss, 3x8x20; DB bench press, 3x8x35's

superset: MB side lunge woodchops, 3x12x8 MB crunches on SB, 3x15x8

finisher: 9 pushups/1 burpee=> 1 pushup/9 burpees

Today, back to the kettlebells and clean(er) eating. I actually do okay with my eating when I'm on vacation since I genuinely prefer "lighter" food: fruits, salads, Asian cuisine, etc. It's the drinking that's my downfall. Bet you couldn't have guessed!