Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My schedule kinda went sideways today ...

but I got in a workout anyway although it wasn't quite what I'd been planning to do.

I began with kettlebell clean & press/pullup ladders. Since my only choices of weight for the clean & press were 20 lbs and 30 lbs I opted for the heavier weight and only did three rungs to the ladder. On thinking it over, a better option might've been to do cleans only and try for a little more volume, but whatever.

After completing 3 ladders I moved on to swings, again with 30 lbs. The idea was to get as many swings as possible in 5 minutes. I wasn't able to work continuously for the entire 5 minutes, but I still managed to complete 155 swings.

Then I felt like doing some windmills to overhead squats. For those I went down to 20 lbs and really focused on form and full range of motion in the squats. Again, I did these ladder style, starting with 5 reps per side and working my way down to 1.

After that I practiced Turkish getups for a little while, again with 20 lbs.

And that was that for me, until ballet class anyway.

Why do I have this feeling it's only a matter of time before Beachbody starts selling a "KettleBallet Bootcamp" DVD series? I would actually totally buy such a product, but only if it starred "Irontamer" Dave Whitley or maybe Pavel himself. In pink tights :)