Sunday, April 26, 2009

Turbulence Training-inspired workout

Jet lag caught up with me yesterday, so no workout. Well, it wasn't just jet lag: we also had to swing by the vet's office to pick up Moose's personal effects and make arrangements for her cremation, and I sort of lost it when I saw her little leopard mouse toy lying forlornly in her carrier. It's a shame it's not biodegradable--otherwise I would leave it where her ashes will be scattered. Well, it's okay. There will be lots of leopard mice at Rainbow Bridge :) And she'll get to see Wednesday and Puggsley again. I know I'm being totally sickeningly mawkish here, and I promise to stop soon.

No, I don't.

Okay, the workout. It's basically Workout B from the April 2009 Turbulence Training workout du mois, tweaked a little to make it more kettlebell friendly:

superset: KB 1-arm clean to press to overhead squat, 3x8x12 kg; KB 1-arm row, 3x20x12 kg

superset: Front-loaded Bulgarian ss, 3x8x12 kg (KB held by horns at chest height); SB plank rollouts, 3x10xBW

superset: 1-leg SB leg curls, 3x8xBW; DB side plank lateral raise, 3x10x5

superset: KB squat thrust sumo deads, 3x10x12 kg; KB swings, 3x20x12 kg