Friday, April 3, 2009

Yesterday and today

Yesterday ended up being an active rest day. I took ballet class, but that was it. I think I needed the break.

Today was a push-focused workout for the most part:

superset: BB bench press, 10x80; 8x85; 4x95; 10x85; 8x85; DB rear delt raise, 10x10; 8x12; 4x15; 10x12; 8x15

superset: incline DB press, 10x25; 8x30; 4x31.5 :(; 10x30; 8x31.5; side plank lateral raise, 10x5; 8x8; 4x10; 10x8; 8x10

KB thing: TGU, 5 per side, 50 swings; TGU 4 per side, 40 swings; TGU 3 per side, 30 swings, TGU 2 per side, 20 swings, TGU 1 per side, 10 swings.

I'm still TGU challenged on the left side. I can manage 12 kg but only if I stay very focused. Oh well. It'll get easier ... and then it'll be time to move up in weight.