Sunday, February 8, 2009

3 pull-ups 10 decline pushups 30 swings

That was today's fun. The challenge I set myself was to get 10 rounds in less than 20 minutes. I made it, but barely. I used 14 kg for all 30 swings, and the decline was high-ish--24 inches or so. So anyway, all told I did 30 pullups, 100 decline pushups and 300 swings in just under 20 minutes.

Then I did some tabatas, using the exercises from RC's Get Metabolic workout:

2x: in and out jump squat/prone cross toe/split jack/1-leg burpee
2x: mountain climber/jump squat/inchworm/spiderman climb
2x: over-under/5-dot drill/bicycle crunch/explosive step-up
2x: skiers on SB/lateral step-out/SB alternating step-off/jump lunge

This just about worked, but I'd want to modify for a client because I think most of my people would have trouble with the quick transitions on and off the ball. It was fun, though.