Friday, February 6, 2009

Achy breaky Friday

This morning I did the second workout in the program I created for my client S. Dude doesn't know what he's gotten himself into!

After warming up with a circuit of bodyweight exercises and joint mobility moves I did the following:

specific warmup:

3 pistol squats supersetted with 5 pushups, hands on bench and feet on ball

superset: pistol squats, 3x8 per leg; pushups, hands on bench and feet on ball, 3x15

superset: overhead kettlebell squats, 3x8 per sidex10 kg; 1-arm kb rows, 3x20x10kg

tri-set: superplanks, 3x10; SB prone skiers, 3x10 per side; side planks, 3x 1 per side x 45 sec.

circuit 2x, no rest:

20 kb swings (14 kg)
pushups, AMRAP in 60 sec.
20 kb swings (14 kg)
bodyweight squats, AMRAP in 60 sec.
20 kb swings (14 kg)
mountain climbers, AMRAP in 60 sec.
20 kb swings (14 kg)
alternating front lunges, AMRAP in 60 sec.

I did that first thing in the morning, then trained some clients. Had a cancellation at 10 am so checked out a Zumba class. It was a hoot! I've never done much salsa dancing, and lately I haven't even been doing jazz so my hips don't get much swivel practice!

It's actually not a bad workout, though I have a feeling some of the steps might cause knee stress in some exercisers. I think it'd be fine for most people, but for anyone with a predisposition to have pain in the knees I'd be a little concerned about all the time spent in a slight pigeon-toed stance, with the knees flexed and buckling inward. Still, if you know that's an issue for you it's easy enough to modify even if it means you're not doing an authentic merengue.