Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bodyweight Sunday

circuit to warm up, then:

superset: reaching lunges (sort of like 1-leg squat touchdowns, only you reach away with the arms instead of coming straight down), 3x12 per leg; pullups with knee-ups, 3x8

superset: alligator crawls (like bear crawls, but with a pushup in between each rep), 3x10 per side; side plank leg raise, 3x10 per side

tri-set: inchworms, 3x8; x-body mountain climbers, 3x12 per side; stick-ups, 3x12


jump squats, 4x20 sec., paired with running pushups, 4x20 sec.
jump lunges, 4x20 sec., paired with pushup setups, 4x20 sec.
in and out static squat jumps, 4x20 sec., paired with prone jacks with knee-ins, 4x20 sec.

The alligator crawls are weirdly fun--try them!