Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Deb, you were my workout inspiration today!

I woke up feeling migrainish and really not wanting to work out. I picked up my kettlebell anyway and started to do the routine I'd planned, and right away I realized it was an inappropriate choice. I thought about not working out at all because I really really wasn't into it, and then I asked myself, what would Deb do?

She would work out, even if she felt low on energy after a long day at a stressful job.

So I looked through my workout file and found a Turbulence Training routine that looked manageable, and I did that.

superset: dumbbell squats, 3x8x35; spiderman pushups, 3x8 per side
superset: incline dumbbell press, 3x8x30; pullups, 3x8
superset: dumbbell RDL, 3x8x35; decline pushups, 3x12
circuit 3x: 15 y-squats; 12 mountain climbers per side; 8 decline pushups; 6 1-leg RDLs per side; 8 burpees, 8 squat thrusts

It felt challenging but appropriate: nothing too technically demanding, so minimal risk of injury. I like having some workouts like this in my repertoire for days when I'm feeling a little off.