Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The post below was meant to have text accompanying it ...

but was text necessary, really??

I think I'm getting some insight into what's causing them, though. They definitely seem to be linked to how well I slept the night before. Last night, for instance, I didn't get much sleep--I had trouble drifting off, and I had to wake up at oh-fuck o'clock to get ready for work, and sure enough I've felt awful all day.

I think hormones could be a factor as well, and also stress.

Anyway, no workout happened yesterday for several reasons, the main one being that I had to take poor Moose back to the vet to get checked. She'd been acting odd all weekend, and I was worried she might have a UTI, to which cats with renal failure are highly prone. Turns out there was nothing wrong on that score, but it's still a very good thing I took her in because her kidneys have gotten a lot worse. It's at the point now where we're going to have to start giving her fluids subcutaneously, probably for the rest of her life. Fortunately, this will do a lot to keep her comfortable and prolong her life. Not so fortunately, it means poking kitty with a big needle :( Paul and I are old hands at administering subcutaneous injections to unenthusiastic felines, but it's certainly not our favorite way to spend an evening.

So today I was determined to get in some resistance training in addition to teaching my cycling class. Here's what I did:

KB clean and press ladders, 1, 2, 3 x 14 kg 3x, supersetted with pullup ladders, 1, 2, 3 3x (The way this worked is, I did 1 c&p per side, then 1 pullup. Then without resting I did 2 c&p and 2 pullups, then 3 c&p and 3 pullups. Then I rested for about a minute before repeating the set two more times)

1 leg squats, 3x8 per leg, supersetted with DB flyes, 3x10x20

Chest-supported DB rows, 3x12x25; SB rollouts, 3x8

Kettlebell 1-arm swings, 5x15 per arm, with 30 sec. rest between sets.

I have a couple of new fitness goals. One is to be able to do pullups with a vertical reach. The other is to be able to combine v-ups with a med ball throw. Oh--and hanging v-ups! I want to be able to do those too. These are some of the crazy exercises I'm working on with a client who is a competitive swimmer. He's a sprinter, so we're working on developing his explosive strength and power. The training we're doing is modeled after the dryland program used by the Auburn University swimming team, which I gather is comprised of various Olympians and world record holders. I really enjoy developing functional programs for athletes:)