Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Puke-it-up Wednesday

First I warmed up with some general bodyweight exercises. Then I did a specific warmup consisting of 2 pullups and 6 dumbbell bench presses with 25 lbs. Then the fun began:

superset: pull-ups with kneeups/kneeups, 3x4 pullups with kneeups, followed by 4-6 kneeups only (the program called for 8 pullups with kneeups but I'm not that strong yet); db bench press, 3x8x35

superset: db reverse lunge, 3x8x30, decline spiderman pushups, 3x12

tri-set: hanging leg raise, 3x8; SB rollout, 3x10; plank with arms on ball and feet on bench, 3x30 sec.

tabata 2x: jump lunges/pushup setups/in and out jump squats/prone cross-toe/jump squats/running pushups/tuck jumps/inchworms

I'd been planning to do at least three rounds of the tabata, but after 2 times through I felt very ready to stop. I still had 90 minutes of ballet ahead of me, and we've been doing more jumps and turns lately so I didn't want to fry my legs too much.

Thought for the day: even good legs tend to look like boudin blanc when stuffed into pale pink tights.