Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Workout du jour

90 minute ballet class, then later the following:

circuit 3x:
KB rack squat, 10x12 kg
KB 1-arm chest press, 10 per arm x8kg the first 2 sets, 12 kg the 3rd set (shoulder stayed stable, which I was happy about)
KB 1-leg deadlift, 10 per leg x 12 kg
KB 1-arm row, 10 per arm x 12 kg
KB split squat, 10 per leg x 12 kg
KB side press, 10 per arm x 8 kg

circuit 1x:
KB windmill, 10 per side x 8kg
KB pullover crunch, 12 x 8kg
KB Russian twist 12 x 8 kg
plank, arms on ball, 30 sec.

hand to hand swings, 5 x 12 kg x 30 sec., 15 sec. rest between sets

The workout is from a new program I'm trying out called KettleBelleBody. It's an e-book with 6 months' worth of kettlebell and bodyweight programs. The workout comes with an exercise manual that explains pretty well how to do the different exercises so in that regard it's better for kettlebell novices than some of the Art of Strength downloadable workbooks. The program I'm doing right now has 8 workouts. Three are total-body workouts meant to be done once per week on nonconsecutive days; one is strength-focused, one is cardio-focused, and one is core/balance focused. Five are "20 minute blasts," meant to be done a minimum of once per week, although if you like you can do as many as six per week as an add-on to your total-body workouts and/or on your off-days. There's also a yoga flow sequence that can be done as often as you like.