Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Christian Thibaudeax can bite me" Sunday

Alternating sets:

BB flat bench press: 90x5, 100x1, 95x5, 105x2 (woot!), 85x10
pullups: BWx5, BW+10x1, BWx5, BW+15x1, band assistedx12

KB complex, 5x12 kg: 10 swings, 5 clean & press each side, 10-15 hand to hand sumo deads, 5 high pulls each side, 5 overhead full squats each side, 10 hand to hand swings

Each round of the complex took about 3 minutes to complete, so with a 1 minute rest between rounds I had a nice little 20 minute metabolic conditioning routine.

I think I like this combination of heavy resistance and metabolic work.