Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick and dirty

circuit 3x:

12 KB rack squats, 14 kg, no rest
12 box jumps, 18", no rest
30 sec. mountain climbers, 90 sec. rest

circuit 3x:

12 DB thrusters, 15 lbs, no rest
12 squat thrust KB deadlifts, 14 kg, no rest
bodyweight squats to fatigue, 90 sec. rest

I cheated on the bodyweight squats because for some reason I can do these forever and not get all that tired. So I stopped after 50 reps my first two times through the circuit, then went to 100 on my last time through before finally getting too bored to continue. Other than that it was a nice little workout, and I plan to give a modified version of it to a couple of my fat loss clients.