Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yesterday was a dead loss ...

the migraine I've been fighting since Wednesday kicked in bigtime and I ended up spending most of the day horizontal. Blech.

I'm still not feeling fantastic, but definitely better than I was, so managed to get in a workout of sorts:

superset: DB Bulgarian ss, 3x8x20; 1-leg SB curls, 3x12 per leg
superset: DB 1-arm row, 3x8 per arm x 35; pushups with arms on SB, 3x12
superset: DB deep stepups, 3x8 per leg x 20; DB rear delt raises, 3x12x10
circuit 3x: 12 waiters bows, 12 mountain climbers per side, pushups to complete fatigue (I got 30 the first time through the circuit and 25 the second two times), 12 SB jackknifes, 60 jumping jacks, plank with arms on SB, 30 sec.