Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm still feeling a little off ...

and wondering if I might be fighting off some sort of a low-grade something. So, I again opted for a "lighter" workout yesterday.

Bodyweight circuit to warm up, then:

superset: 1 leg squats, 3x8, grasshopper pushups, 3x10 per side (these are like spiderman pushups except that instead of bringing the knee to the elbow you bring the leg out to the side fully extended.)

tri-set: burpees, 3x10; t-pushups, 3x8 per side; side plank, 3x30 sec. per side

tri-set: 1 leg RDL, 3x12; chops, spiderman climb, 3x10 per side; x-body chops, 3x15 per side

intervals: 30 seconds of one exercise, 30 seconds of another, 30 seconds rest 8x. Exercises were mostly ripped off from RC's Get Metabolic workout.

The bodyweight-only chops were kind of interesting. I wasn't expecting to feel much of anything in my core, but what I found is that by clasping one hand over the other, and using the hand on the bottom to resist the downward motion of the hand on top, I actually got a deeper contraction than I generally do when using weight.