Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Alwyn workout

Pretty sure this was a Cosgrove creation, anyhoo. It's Strength Workout A from the Phase 1 of the "informal experiment" he did with John Berardi and Fraser Quelch to see which is more effective for fat loss: strength training and cardio, or strength training and TRX conditioning circuits. Since I did TRX Conditioning Workout A yesterday, Strength Workout A seemed like a sensible thing to do today.

After five minutes or so of various TRX exercises to warm up, I did straight sets of deadlifts:

8x65 warmup
8x105 warmup

Then I moved on to straight sets of barbell front lunges:


Then dumbbell incline presses (1x10x30's, 1x8x35's, 1x8x30's) supersetted with bent-over dumbbell rows (3x8x35's).

Then stability ball crunches (3x10 x yawn) supersetted with dumbbell incline curls (3x10x15's)

And that was that.

According to Berardi's seven rules I could go have some grain now if I wanted it. But I'm not in an oatmeal mood, and the only other grain I like is the highly refined sort that comes in Absolut bottles. So, forget that.